Working in Confined Spaces? Don’t Miss These Tests

Does your company need workers in tight spaces? Perhaps you’re into digging, creating manholes, or even mining? One of the essential steps is to look for an occupational hygienist Brisbane offers.

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An occupational hygienist helps take care of your team by performing the following risk-related tasks:

  • Assessment
  • Identification
  • Control
  • Improvement

To accomplish this, a hygienist usually performs different tests, such as fit testing and confined space medical examination.

What Is Fit Testing?

Sometimes the other term is respirator fit testing. As its name suggests, it is an exam that determines the effectiveness and safety of the worker’s personal protective equipment (PPE).

Occupational lung diseases are prevalent globally. One of the studies suggests that over 12% of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and adult-onset asthma is due to jobs. Hazardous substances may be responsible for at least 10% of lung cancers.

How does a fit testing Brisbane service work? It’s a series of tests. Here are some that you can expect:

  • The hygienist may release a saccharin solution in the air, and the worker needs to taste it prior to wearing the suit. If the person can detect the same after donning the PPE, then the suit may have a leak.
  • The worker may need to hold the front of their mask and then breathe. It can help detect whether the seal has a gap.
  • The employee may also have to breathe in various scenarios or simulated environments.

An occupational hygienist Brisbane company needs to conduct this as soon as the worker receives a PPE and then annually.

What Is a Confined Space Test?

The environment of a confined space is different. Take, for example, silos, vats, and sewage pipes. They can be dark, musty, and dirty. Some may emit hazardous vapours and gases that could be harmful to health.

While you may not be able to eliminate this from the job description, you can do something to reduce the health risks.

A confined space test can refer to two things:

  • Tests performed on the space itself
  • Confined space medical test

About the first point, it means that a team will assess and ensure that the space is safe for workers to use even for a short period. The company may use instruments to measure pressure or identify the gases present, among others.

In a medical test, an occupational hygienist Brisbane team will evaluate how healthy or fit the person is to stay in such a limited space. For example:

  • Do they have a pre-existing respiratory illness?
  • Are they prone to lung disease?
  • Do they suffer from panic attacks or anxiety?
  • How about epilepsy?

An occupational hygienist may take some blood, urine, and faecal tests. They may also perform a smell exam to know whether the worker can detect colourless gases and vapours.

Work-related injuries and diseases place a significant burden on businesses and the country’s economy.

According to Safe Work Australia, work-related illnesses resulted in 10% of serious claims from 2014 to 2015. It’s time to boost your productivity and, most of all, protect your workers with the best partner.

Contact today to find the right occupational hygienist for your company.

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