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Exploring the Harley Davidson Lineup for 2020

The Custom 1200 has been around for quite some time now. It’s been an integral part of Harley Davidson’s lineup ever since it was unveiled. What makes it a favorite among enthusiasts is that it embodies multiple personalities. For those who want a combination of retro and modern riding technology, this is the bike for you. With the 2020 1200 custom and various models, you get comfortable machines, more power, and better handling overall. Let’s take a look at the manufacturer’s top bikes for 2020.

1200 Custom

The bike is equipped with the iconic V-Twin 1200cc Evolution, dual exhaust, and graphics that make a statement. The incomparable low-end torque of the engine is enough to surprise even seasoned riders, while the lightweight aluminum heads and cylinders aid cooling and increases efficiency. Its unique closed-loop exhaust design gives out a deep rumble and at the same time meets emissions standards across the globe. It’s laced steel wheels exhibit a raw, old school vibe.

You can also customize the look of your 1200 custom according to your preference. Achieve a one-of-a-kind look with Harley Davidson’s Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories and get a machine that satisfies your needs wherever you go. With the plethora of personal touches, you can have on your bike, visit for a look at the latest bikes and Genuine Motor Parts available.

Breakout 114

A popular modern iteration of an icon, the 2020 Breakout 114, boasts the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine that’s all muscle. The torque is almost enough to alter the rotation of the Earth with its 240mm rear tire. The bike’s details are eye-catching as well, with its innovative Softail frame and suspension. It is a modern chopper with a very mean attitude.

First seen in 2018, the latest model introduces a lighter frame, a tweaked suspension that greatly improves handling, and of course, the Milwaukee-Eight v-twin engine. More than that, each model presents distinct characteristics that range from Heritage Classic to futuristic cues coming from the Fat Bob and FXDR 114 models. If you want something slightly tamer than the 2020 1200 Custom, this bike might just be it.

Fat Boy

As the name suggests, the Fat Boy screams huge. However, its modern physique now displays muscular looks. The Fat Boy is an icon, sporting 240mm rear tires and 160mm front tires partnered with disc wheels, this bike is all business. The 2020 Fat Boy features satin chrome finishes and modernized LED lighting. Current models are 14 kgs lighter than its predecessor and come with either a Milwaukee-Eight 107 or 114 engine. If you want a bike that changes the horizon, the Fat Boy stands out among the rest.

Sport Glide

Long-distance rides are about to get better with the 2020 Sport Glide and its redesigned Softail frame and suspension. Driven by the Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-Twin engine, this bike is no slouch either. The model includes a mini batwing-inspired fairing and provisions for saddlebags on both sides of the frame.

The year 2020 is iconic for the Sport Glide. It now gets a lighter frame, responsive suspension, and of course, the grunt and power of the Milwaukee-Eight v-twin engine. Like the Breakout 114, the Sport Glide also carries Heritage Classic and modern elements of the Fat Bob and FXDR 114 models, and others even say that it is in a parallel universe, it is the touring bike equivalent of the 2020 1200 Custom that enthusiasts continue to lust after. For more details, see more at

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