3 Benefits of Purchasing a Demo Car for Sale in Brisbane

You go to a dealer’s website or lot and find this beautiful used car that is the same model year as a new one but is being sold at a discount of a few thousand less than the retail price of the new one. This intriguing car could have been a demo car, which saw limited use while at the dealerships. However, are demo cars for sale Brisbane dealers offer are great deals?

To answer that question, have you:

  • Ever found yourself staring at the new Kia Picanto for sale Brisbane dealers have these days and wished your budget was flexible enough to drive it home?
  • Or, wondered whether the dealership’s inventory includes something as nice as what you would prefer brand new?

If the answer is yes to both questions, an option you may not have considered is purchasing a demo vehicle.

The definition of a demo car

Sometimes, dealerships will sell their demo cars, which are a unique mix of new and used vehicles. The demo is usually part of the dealer’s inventory that has been driven but never sold. This means that it cannot be categorized as a new car.

In many cases, the demo has been used by the dealership staff, usually a sales representative or manager. Some demos are used by dealerships as test-drive vehicles for customers before they make up their minds and purchase a new KIA for sale Brisbane dealerships have in their inventory.

However, some demo cars may be used by manufacturers in places such as appearances and events. In other instances, the demo is driven by a salesperson for some time so they become familiar with the specific model year they are trying to sell.

Advantages of purchasing demo cars for sale Brisbane offers

Instead of breaking your budget and struggle to pay for a brand new car, consider the option of buying a demo car with only a few thousand kilometres on it. Here are the benefits of choosing a used demo car:

  • Fewer miles than a used car – since the car is only driven by dealership employees and interest buyers, the KMS traveled will most likely be lower than that of a second-hand car. With only a few km under the wheels, this is your chance to get a nearly-new car.
  • The discounts – getting a deal on a new car is hard, but since a demo car has gathered a few kilometres, it is still considered new and you be getting something exciting and modern without paying the full sticker price.
  • Easy-to-trace car history – Since the car is owned by the dealership, records of everyone who has driven and where it was driven to are easy to locate.

Once you are confident that the latest KIA Sportage demo for sale Brisbane dealers offer looks nice and drives as it should, there is no reason why you should not consider buying it.

Save big today

Buying a demonstration car is a great way to save big on your next new car. The cars are lightly driven and are still officially considered new vehicles. Toowong KIA has an extensive inventory of the best quality KIA demo cars for sale Brisbane has today. Look at our vehicles and drive home with the latest model.

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